I always wanted to be a journalist and a novelist from the time I was 5 years old.  When I was 10-years old, I started writing 5-page storybooks, complete with illustrations, for neighborhood kids and sold them for a quarter each.  I was a smart little businesswoman because I would end my novels with a cliffhanger, which meant they’d want to buy the next installment of storybooks.  Years later, from 1984-85, I attended Rogers State College, now Rogers University, in Claremore, OK, taking Composition I and II, Creative Writing, and Speech.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and, though I never became a journalist or a writer, in 1995, I became obsessed with the internet and surfing the Web (aka Internet Surfing).  I thought it was so cool how you can create a website that anyone in the entire world with a computer can easily find and look at.  I was so fascinated that I started to read books on HTML coding, spending many late hours reading and studying after all the kids went to bed.  With an HTML coding book in my hand, my husband would sometimes walk by me and just shake his head in disbelief.  He couldn’t understand why his wife was interested in learning this HTML coding he called “chicken scratch.”  And so, a geek was born.

In 1998, I created my first website from scratch (no templates were around at that time) for the community where we lived.  It was a place on the web where people could get the latest news about high school and junior high football games, as well as other school events.  Soon after, I created my husband’s first website for our business which led to designing websites for family and friends.  The first couple of years, I considered it my learning phase of trials and errors.  Still, I knew this was my calling and my dream to one day start my own web design business.

In late 2016, I went into a business partnership and collaboration with a friend, now my mentor, who already had an established web design business and who also taught me so much more about the business side, which I am forever grateful for.  Throughout 2016, my business name was Websites by Gina.  In 2017, we amicably ended our business partnership and Websites by Gina officially became WebGem Marketing.

Over the years, WebGem Marketing has evolved into more than just a web design business.  I specialize in helping small to midsize businesses with affordable Web Design, E-commerce, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Logo Design, and Web Hosting.  No outsourcing and no overhead so I save you money!

My main focus has always been to help small business owners with affordable web services.  As a small business owner myself, I certainly understand the heartaches of starting and marketing your business!  WebGem Marketing is glad to help without costing you a fortune!  Contact us today to get a free personalized quote!

“My Business is to Make Your Business Look Good Online!”